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““There will always be conflict, but I’ll remind you that love, kindness, and support are also part of human nature. My challenge to you is to bring about a mindset of preparing for peace instead of preparing for war.””

Kathryn W. Davis


U.S.Pathway  seeks to improve and embrace the lives of vulnerable populations across the country.  We create and execute programs that provide information and assistance on advocacy and support, integration and cultural exchange, education and empowerment, community building, policy and advocacy, empathy and cultural sensitivity.


You are not alone

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We are Together in this!

Save Your Spot


Seminars will be a series of presentations on various specific topics, such as DACA renewals or Asylum Law to the general public. These will serve as our primary way of providing the most important information to immigrant communities, as well as relevant resources they may need.

Law Clinics

Clinics serve as a chance to come to meet one-on-one with attorneys to address specific issues individuals have. At these clinics, attorneys can provide a consultation and advise individuals on the best course of action.

Topics for Legal counselling/advice: Immigration, Family Law, Employment Law,

Landlord/tenant law, Reentry Reentry Help with civil legal issues arising from past criminal convictions  


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