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Our Mission 

U.S.Pathway is a nonprofit organization that seeks to improve and embrace the lives of immigrants across the country.  Executing programs that provide information and assistance on Advocacy and Support, Integration and Cultural Exchange, Education and empowerment, community building, policy and advocacy, empathy and cultural sensitivity.

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Our Work 

U.S.Pathway focuses on providing legal assistance, education, and resources to needy individuals. By partnering with nonprofit legal organizations and leveraging the support of pro-bono lawyers and other professionals through seminars and Clinics. U.S.Pathway has made a significant difference in the lives of many people.

Partnerships and Legal Services

In its first year, U.S. Pathway established partnerships with 10 different nonprofit legal organizations. These collaborations allowed the organization to access pro-bono lawyers, enabling them to provide accurate legal information directly to those in need. By leveraging the expertise and support of these legal professionals, U.S.Pathway  was able to assist individuals facing various legal challenges. 

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Law Clinics and Seminars 

U.S.Pathway organized two free law clinics and 10 seminars during its first year, aiming to serve individuals seeking assistance with immigration-related issues. The first clinic took place on March 18th at the St Thomas Episcopal Church in Mamaroneck, while the second was held at the Senior Community Center in Portchester. These clinics provided a platform for individuals to seek legal guidance, access accurate information, and address their concerns related to immigration.

During the clinics and seminars, approximately 250 people were served. The scope of services extended beyond immigration matters to address other legal topics based on the requests and issues raised by the community. The topics covered included naturalization, adjustment of status and visa applications, employment law and workers' rights, family law, landlord/tenant law, victims of domestic violence, and financial literacy. This comprehensive approach ensured that individuals received guidance on various legal aspects relevant to their circumstances.

Impactful Donation

One of the most rewarding initiatives undertaken by U.S.Pathway was the donation of 20 Chromebooks to children under 14 through the "Devices4all" program in partnership with The Loyalty Foundation. This donation gave these children access to virtual educational and technological resources, enabling them to enhance their knowledge and skills. The donation of Chromebooks positively impacted the educational opportunities of these children, particularly in an increasingly digital world.

Witnessing the children's eyes light up and the gratitude expressed by their parents upon receiving the Chromebooks was an amazing experience for the U.S.Pathway team. This act of generosity demonstrated the organization's commitment to improving the lives of individuals in need and supporting their educational development.

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As U.S.Pathway moves forward, it is well-positioned to continue making a difference in the community by expanding its services, fostering new partnerships, and addressing the evolving needs of individuals needing legal assistance and educational support.

U.S.Pathway is determined to build upon its first-year accomplishments and strives to improve the lives of even more individuals in the years to come.

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