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The U.S.Pathway project was born thanks to the Kathryn W. Davis Global Community Scholarship and the students at Westchester Community College. They realized the need for proper legal and financial assistance in pursuing their educational, professional, and personal dreams in the U.S. and how confusing and challenging the naturalization process can be.

During the plantation of the project, the team realized  that "Getting access to education is the first step in the process of growing." They have a common dream to be the pathway for those who, like them, want to improve themselves and make a difference in their community and the world. 


After knocking on some doors, they found communities and organizations with the same goals and beliefs. The Community Resource Center of Mamaroneck, Neighbors' Link, Empire Justice, NYCLA, Laswest, Make the Road, and My Sister's Place joined their cause.

When the community project concluded,  Justin was incorporated into the group. And with Laura and Leticia kept believing and working to embrace diversity and inclusion in the community. Now, U.S.Pathway is a nonprofit and a 501c3 registered organization that seeks to improve and embrace the lives of vulnerable populations across the country. They create and execute programs that provide information and assistance on advocacy and support, integration and cultural exchange, education and empowerment, community building, empathy and cultural sensitivity.

Meet the Team


Community Student Group 

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